Wine Styles Tasting Course

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Wine Styles Tasting Course

Experience the Wine Styles Tasting Course in the comfort of your own home! This crash course offers tasting cards, maps, and a guided video experience including how to select wines in your area: all designed to help you become confident with wine.

How does it work?

With your purchase, you will receive an email containing a link and login details for the course. The course never expires and you can take it entirely at your own pace.

This course aims to help you...

  1. Communicate confidently about wine.
  2. Avoid feeling lost in a wine menu.
  3. Learn how to taste wine like a pro.
  4. Know what terms on wine labels signify quality.
  5. Expand your palate: know where to look for great quality and value.

Taste the right wines while grasping fundamental concepts in wine. Interacting with wines while you learn is the key to making sense of basic wine concepts. This course allows you to practice at your own pace.

Wine is complex, but it isn’t hard to learn. Anyone, despite any natural abilities or inabilities, has the capability to become a shrewd wine buyer. You don’t need a special nose or palate to identify quality in wine.

Put your knowledge immediately into action. This course will change how you think about and choose wine. No longer will you be beholden to clever wine marketing ploys.

Why take this course?

  • You think wine is awesome and want to know more about it.
  • You’re tired of being made to feel like a wine newbie.
  • A social obligation requires etiquette and sophistication and you intend to crush it.
  • You want to know how much of wine is BS and what’s actually real.
  • You’re over buying bad wine and want to drink better.
  • You’ve got big aspirations to be in the wine business and need to get started now.
  • You’re on the hunt for a truly fun adult social activity that’s going to make everyone feel great.

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to learn about wine.
  • Beginners and intermediate wine drinkers who need a solid foundation to build upon.
  • People who’ve heard the terms “tannins,” “balance,” “age-worthy,” “structured,” “closed,” “QPR,” “bright,” and “flabby” and wondered what they mean.
  • Professionals who want to feel at ease wining and dining with important clients.
  • People capable of taking notes, slowing down their wine consumption in order to think, and applying the concepts and tools in this course.
  • Those who work in hospitality looking to increase their tips and overall professional experience.
  • Individuals and small groups who love food, wine, and culture.

Who is behind this course?

Not just another wine snob.

Madeline Puckette is a IWSC “Wine Communicator of the Year,” a James Beard Award-Winning and New York Times Best Selling author, and 10+ year veteran in the wine trade.

What’s makes her so special? Puckette is known for her entertaining, compelling, and most importantly, helpful educational content. It all starts with you, the wine drinker.

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