Wine Aroma Charts (Red, Rose, Sparkling, White)


Find wine flavors quickly and easily. The aroma chart set includes four wine aroma wheels for red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine.


Printed on thick paper stock (110 lb cover / 298 GSM) with an easy-to-wipe-off glossy UV protectant coating.

  • Set of 4 charts 
  • 9 inch diameter wheel 
  • Designed and made in the USA 

Become Wine Confident

Speak confidently about wine in any situation. Learn how to identify wine flavors and where they come from using the wine aroma lexicon. 

To improve your wine tasting skills, the aroma charts follow the same categories used in professional blind tasting examinations.   

Identify Quality

Additionally, the backside of each chart features impactful aromatic compounds from grape varieties, oak barrels, and aging. Learning where flavors come improves your ability to identify quality.

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