Leather Pocket Journal (Box of 3)


Take great notes with a wine pocket journal that’s designed to keep you organized and fits perfectly alongside your phone. It uses the same great bleed-proof paper as our top-rated journal and a streamlined design that allows for 216 tasting notes per journal. Box includes 3 pocket journals and wine tasting card.

Packed With Benefits

  • Custom size fits perfectly alongside your phone
  • Flip cover feels luxurious with PU leather
  • Elastic band helps you stay organized
  • Best journal size for traveling and tasting events
  • Take notes faster with a streamlined design
  • Better notes with the included tasting card

Pocket Journal Specifications

  • 75mm x 150mm notepad size (2.95 in x 5.9 in)
  • Box includes 3 pocket journals and a tasting card
  • 72 pages per journal – space for 216 tasting notes
  • 100 lb (bleed-proof) FSC certified paper
  • PU leather flip cover with elastic band
  • 1 color of wine hue card
  • 1 wine aroma categories card

A Wine Journal That Fits Perfectly

The novel 75 mm x 150 mm size mimics the dimensions of your smart phone. This size has been proven to be extremely easy to handle. Plus, the elastic band can hold your phone and wine journal together.

Designed For Busy Somms

Travel and wine tasting events require you to be nimble – you’re carrying many things with you in your hands. We asked ourselves, what would be the perfect note taking tool in this scenario?

A wine pocket journal that takes up less space and fits alongside your phone is the best answer. What’s surprising is this is the first wine pocket journal we know of designed in this unique way.

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