Walla Walla Valley 101

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Walla Walla Valley 101

(Formerly Learn by Drinking: Walla Walla Valley)

Hosted by Madeline Puckette, award-winning wine communicator and author of Wine Folly: Magnum Edition.

In this tasting series we'll be uncovering the secrets of the Walla Walla Valley wine region.

We'll be tasting 6 wines, including the region's top styles of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot while exploring what makes great quality in this unique landscape (wines not included.)

This course will give you the change to prove your knowledge with the 35 question Wine Folly Certificate Exam.

The tasting course for exploring the world of wine

  1. Be able to find and buy wine confidently from the Walla Walla Valley.
  2. Feel knowledgable about the region and gain an expert's point of view.
  3. Associate wine flavors with the variety, winemaking method, and regional terroir.
  4. Expand your palate and taste wine like a pro, with a pro. 

The companion to The Walla Walla Valley Wine Guide

Walla Walla Valley 101 is the companion course to the Walla Walla Valley Wine Guide – a dynamic wine-centric travel guide that connects you to the region and its producers.

  • Get a personal guided tour of the region–before you pack your bags.
  • Learn how we find great wineries and wines using the guide.

Who Made The Courses?

Meet your guide.

Madeline Puckette is a winner of the International Wine and Spirit Competition “Wine Communicator of the Year,” a James Beard award-winning author, and 10+ year certified sommelier in the wine trade.

What makes her the right educator for you? Puckette is known for her entertaining, interesting, and most importantly, helpful educational content. It all starts with you, the wine drinker.


Who is This Course For?

  • People who want to learn about wine. (No prior wine knowledge necessary.)
  • Beginners and intermediate wine drinkers who need a solid foundation to build upon.
  • People who’ve heard the terms “tannins,” “balance,” “age-worthy,” “structured,” “closed,” “QPR,” “bright,” and “flabby” and wondered what they mean.
  • Professionals who want to feel at ease wining and dining with important clients.
  • People capable of taking notes, slowing down their wine consumption in order to think, and applying the concepts and tools in this course.
  • Those who work in hospitality looking to increase their tips and overall professional experience.
  • Individuals and small groups who love food, wine, and culture.