French Wine 201


Experience the essence of French wine like never before with our immersive, hands-on course. Explore the 12 major wine regions of France through over 5 hours of captivating video content and 4 real-world challenges.

Who is this course for?

Whether you’re someone who had a wine that changed their life and want to learn more, a passionate connoisseur or starting in the wine industry and looking to find your feet, French Wine 201 is for you.


You don’t need to purchase wines in order to maximize your learning and enjoyment. While some prior wine experience would be helpful, it is also not required.

Perfect for…

  • Passionate connoisseurs or those starting in the wine industry looking to find their feet
  • Professional development
  • Building your resumé
  • Becoming a wine professional


12 Major Regions to Master

Ready to take the next step in your wine learning journey, but feel intimidated by traditional wine courses?

Wine Folly will take you on a journey, from the basics of wine all the way to advanced topics.

what you'll learn

Let's Explore France

Experience four modules, each with a different theme, to level up your French wine knowledge.



Go on a trip to a wine specialty store to select wines for a dinner party. Next, explore the regions of Champagne, Alsace, and the Loire Valley.


Navigate the wine list and order from the sommelier while fine dining in San Francisco. Afterward, build confidence in this setting as you explore Burgundy, Beaujolais, and the Northern Rhône.


Learn how to read between the lines on wine reviews as you shop online for the perfect bottle.Then, take a crash course on the regions of Southern France including the Southern Rhône Valley, Provence, and Languedoc-Roussillon.


Find collectible wines meant to cellar that improve with age by navigating tech sheets and producers. Follow this adventure in wine-buying with a primer on the wines of Bordeaux and South-West France.


Activate Your Wine Career

Wine Folly Certifications are an excellent way to prove your knowledge and gain access to jobs in the wine trade.

Wine Folly is globally recognized as a premiere wine education platform and has won many awards.

Complete your exams and earn your certification in real time. No need to wait weeks or months!

the team

Your Wine Experts

Award winning instructors.

Madeline Puckette
Wine Folly Founder

Madeline Puckette

Madeline Puckette is the cofounder of Since its creation in 2011, Wine Folly has become one of the most popular wine education sites in the world due to its extensive use of insightful articles, detailed infographics, and entertaining videos.In recognition of these efforts, the International Wine & Spirits Competition awarded Puckette with Wine Blogger of the Year in 2013, and Wine Communicator of the Year in 2019.
Christine Marsiglio MW
Master of Wine

Christine Marsiglio MW

Wine Folly's Director of Education, Christine Marsiglio, is one of only 32 Bollinger award-winning Masters of Wine. Before joining Wine Folly, she has worked at the WSET School London where she contributed to the development of materials for the WSET Diploma and taught all WSET levels.Before discovering her love of wine education, Christine was a Tastings Executive at Decanter where she ran panel tastings and helped organize the Decanter World Wine Awards.

frequently asked questions

What to Know More?

No. The videos are pre-recorded so that you can watch at your own pace and timezone.

Wines are not required for this course, but if you want you’ll learn the skills to source your own delicious wines should you wish.

We recommend at least 7 hours of learning, which is best split over a week, but you can go at your own pace and finish earlier or take more time should you wish.

We recommend at least 7 hours of learning, which is best split over a week, but you can go at your own pace and finish earlier or take more time should you wish.No. An active beginner can take this course and quickly get up to speed on both wine basics and the more intricate details.

No. We’ll teach you tools that will allow you to go out and taste, buy, and enjoy wines in a more confident way.

Upon purchase you will be invited to join our courses learning platform to start the course whenever you wish. You can access the course at any time and from any device. Start and stop whenever you desire. Take your time or zoom through it.

100% satisfaction guarantee, within 30 days of purchase.

All the content of the exam is included in the course. If you were to compare this course to others on the market, it's more intensive than a typical WSET level 2 exam but not as intense or jam packed as a level 3. The exam includes lots of details about grapes, wine production, regions, and practical information. This will give you the confidence to buy and enjoy wines from all over the world for yourself or friends, at any budget.

Yes! Upon completion (you have to score 80% or higher) of the certificate challenge you will get a unique, encoded digital certificate that you can also share on LinkedIn.

A Sommelier is actually a job that can't really be conferred by a course. You have to work on a restaurant floor to actually become/be a sommelier. BUT our course will definitely give you the tools and understanding you need to become a competent sommelier. So, if you were to take our course and work in the wine side of the restaurant business then you would definitely be a sommelier. An example is our Master of Wine, Christine Marsiglio. She is not a sommelier as she’s never worked on a restaurant floor and so wouldn’t legitimately call herself a sommelier. However, she is a wine expert, and has the knowledge, but less so the practical skills required to be a sommelier. There's always a practical component involved in being a sommelier, which is normally conferred through working in a restaurant.

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