Wine Lovers Gift Set


Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting, this set will help you deepen your knowledge and appreciation of wine, and make your wine-tasting experiences even more enjoyable.

Perfect for…

  • Learning wine the fun way
  • Starting your wine journey
  • Obtaining a solid understanding of wine fundamentals
  • Gaining practical wine knowledge instantly


  • 1 x Wine Folly: The Master Guide
  • 1 x Wine Folly Wine Journal – Classic Color
  • 1 x Wine Aroma Charts (Red, Rose, Sparkling, White)


What's Included?

The Master Guide

James Beard award-winning wine book. This visual reference guide, uses infographics and illustrations to simplify the complex topics of wine. Learn regions, wines, and how to pair wine and food.

Wine Journal (Notebook) - Classic Color

Want to drink better wine? The Wine Folly wine journal is designed specifically to help develop your palate and take better notes! This pocket-sized wine notebook is printed with the 4-step wine tasting method. Learn while you drink!

Wine Aroma Charts (Red, Rose, Sparkling, White)

This aroma chart will help you identify wine aromas and where they come from. A great tool for those learning wine in both casual and professional settings.

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