Reference Poster Set

  • This set is for the knowledge hungry wine enthusiast.

    Reference charts to cover wine, food, serving, flavor profiling, vocabulary, color, and more. 


    Basic Wine Guide 18" x 24"
    Quick reference for the most common questions on wine handling, preparation, and active tasting.

    Advanced Food & Wine Pairing 18" x 24"
    Create perfect pairings by matching or contrasting flavors with this reference chart. Exploit specific flavor relationships to create more advanced pairings.

    120+ Wine Descriptors 18" x 24"
    Complete your wine vocabulary with a chart that organizes common wine vernacular by their hidden meanings.

    Color of Wine 18" x 24"
    Improve your mental repertoire for activities such as blind tasting, assessing wine quality and vintage. Become familiar with the hue spectrum and common vernacular to describe wine color.

    • 100 lb. Recycled high quality matte book stock.
    • Light-fast resilient soy-based inks.
    • Paper, pressed, and shipped all in Seattle, WA.

Frames not included.

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