Chile Wine Map (Digital)


Wine was brought into Chile first by Spanish Conquistadors in the mid 1500s and the country rapidly grew to fulfill international wine demand. The country's wine production went into disarray until after Chilean Independence. Since then, Chile has begun to re-root itself making a few special discoveries including finding a nearly extinct grape (Carménère) and realizing the potential for elegant, terroir-driven red Bordeaux blends. Chile has wide climatic diversity from north to south but also east to west where cool coastal areas are ideal for wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and inland Andes areas are better for age-worthy red wines like Syrah.

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Perfect for…

  • Wine students & educators
  • Restaurant décor
  • Stirring up conversation
  • Elevating your knowledge of wine

Map Features

  • Region / Appellation outlines
  • Detailed hill shades from USGS satellite imagery
  • List of top produced wines / grape varieties
  • Total vineyard area in acres and hectares
  • Future map updates included with purchase

How to Use Digital Maps

Our digital maps are available for you to use in two separate modes:

High Resolution - This mode is online only and features a high definition version of the map ideal for zooming in on and studying specific sub-regions.

Print Resolution - This mode can be downloaded and printed on letter / A4 paper for wine students who need quick reference of a region and its appellations. This map cannot be professionally printed. 

Commercial or public use of any kind is prohibited. 

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