How do I straighten my poster?

We store our posters flat and only roll them for shipping which means in most cases they should fit directly into a frame without too much trouble. Alternatively, you can roll the poster in the opposite direction and place it back into the shipping tube for an hour or two. As a last resort lay the poster flat and cover it with heavy books to teach it a lesson.

What if my poster is damaged?

Shipping carriers have been known to hold fencing competitions with poster tubes. It's unfortunately the cost of doing business. Take a picture of your damaged poster and email it to support@winefolly.com - we'll get you a new poster right away.

Do you sell framed posters?

Nope. We simply don't have the logistical capacity to handle frames. Luckily our posters fit in relatively standard frame sizes. For an elegant, minimal aesthetic we recommend the following un-matted frames available on Amazon:

18 x 24 Frame, ex. Different Types of Wine
13 x 19 Frame, ex. Food & Wine Pairing
12 x 16 Frame, ex. Regional Wine Maps

Can I pickup from you in Seattle?

Sorry not at this time. We don't have regular office hours or a store front.

How do I find out when Wine Folly releases new products?

Sign up for our newsletter. Not only will you be the first to know when new products are released, you can also participate in community events.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, please contact us at wholesale@winefolly.com for more details on our wholesale program.