Coravin Pivot+ (Wine Folly Art Edition)


Wine Folly's experts can't live without it and neither should you.

Coravin revolutionized wine preservation. The Pivot+ is their next innovation in storing open wine.

The Wine Folly Coravin Pivot+ includes: 

  • Custom artwork from Wine Folly
  • 1 custom Wine Folly Pivot
  • 2 Pivot stoppers
  • 2 Food-safe argon gas capsules
  • 1 Aerator attachment 

PLEASE NOTE: Argon capsules included with the Pivot make it impossible to ship this item express. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How Does a Coravin Pivot Work?

The Pivot is an argon gas wine preservation system. As you pour wine out with a Pivot, the space in the bottle is filled with argon gas. Argon is a noble gas which drastically reduces oxidation that causes wine to go bad. This is amazing because it increases preservation of open bottles from ~4 days to 4 weeks and each argon gas capsule preserves 20 glasses (4 bottles).

A Pivot Helps You Learn About Wine Faster

Normally, open wines only last 2–5 days which isn't ideal. Contrasting this, wines stored with the Pivot last from 14–28 days. It makes exploring a diversity of wines possible as you expand your palate.

Here at Wine Folly, the Pivot pairs excellently with wine education.

We use it in Wine Folly Club, where members taste 4–6 bottles at a time during the live comparative tasting. With the Pivot, tasters can store opened wines and drink them responsibly over the course of a month.

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