Wine Tasting Placemats (20-Pack)

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Set of 20 disposable tasting mats with a system of checklists designed to help improve your palate. The 12" x 16" wine placemats have cutting guides to fit your needs.


  • 20 Disposable Placemats (12" x 16")
  • 1 Wine Flavors Chart printed on Cover with 100+ Flavors
  • Tasting Instructions

Improve Your Wine Tasting Abilities

If you're interested in improving your ability to taste wine, the most important step is to get yourself into the mindset of actively tasting wine every time you open a new bottle.  

Write Better Tasting Notes

This tasting mat will encourage this behavior and give you a consistent format in which to write your notes.  The placemats have cut guides to accommodate tastings of various sizes, and if you use the whole set, you will have consistent notes of 80 different wines.

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