Wine Folly Glassware Set


The ultimate collection of glassware for any wine enthusiast.

  • 6 x Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glasses
  • 1 x Professional Wine Decanter by Riedel
  • 3 x Microfiber Wine Glass Polishing Cloth (Extra-Large)


What's Included?

Let's dig into what you'll receive in this set.

Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glass (Made in Austria)

We tested more than a dozen excellent glasses in search of a product we could truly get behind. Not only did it need to be well-crafted, and expressive of flavors, but it also needed to stand up to rugged everyday use (even restaurants). Finally, our hope was to find a glass that not only checked all the boxes, but was affordable too.  

Professional Wine Decanter by Riedel

Our background in restaurant service lead us to the Riedel "Merlot" wine decanter. The clean lines, exceptionally spun crystal, and size make it a delight to pour and serve. It makes any table look sophisticated.

3 Pack – Microfiber Wine Glass Polishing Cloth (Extra-Large)

Wine and Cheese: This design includes 20 hand-illustrated wine and cheese pairings along with dozens of other pairing suggestions.

Types of Wine: This design will help you find and drink wines you'll love based on their style and flavor characteristics.

Basic Wine Guide: Explore the framework of modern wine service and tasting techniques on this illuminating design

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