Wine Flavors / Aroma Lexicon

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Wine Flavors / Aroma Lexicon 18" x 24" Poster

Better communicate the sensory experience of wine. This poster tool is for tasters and professionals to describe wine flavors with neutral, commonly shared terms and categories.

  • 9 major categories, 29 subcategories, and 137 descriptors
  • Commonly shared nomenclature for describing aromas
  • Impactful aromatic compounds listed for reference

Includes: 18" x 24" Print, documentation, and satisfaction guarantee.

Improve your sensory lexicon for describing wines for activities such as blind tasting, assessing wine quality and recording accurate wine tasting notes. This chart offers a categorization model of wine's sensory attributes by aligning flavors to impactful aromatic compounds.

How can I improve my sense of smell? With practice and good note taking you can train your nose to not only identify unique sensory attributes of wine, but also what potential impactful aromatic compounds are present.

Over time, your sensory repertoire improves greatly, with the ability to identify age-worthiness and complexity (quality) in wine.

What are impactful compounds? Wine aromas are volatile molecules which enter our noses and queue our minds to bring up images of other fruits or flavors. In truth, these compounds come from nothing more than the wine grape varieties and their interaction with microbes (yeast and bacteria) during fermentation.

We've come to identify several aromatic compound classes such as thiols (organosulfur compounds) and terpenes that have a strong influence on how wines smell and taste.




Designed and made in USA.

  • 18" x 24" Full Color Offset Lithograph Print
  • Light-fast soy-based inks w/ double-bumped color layers and UV coating
  • 100 lb. Text (150 GSM) premium archival matte stock
  • FSC® certified paper
  • Domtar EarthChoice®
  • SFI® Certified Sourcing
  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) Virgin Fiber
  • Acid-free for increased longevity and performance.