Tasting Kit

Elevate Your Wine Tastings

Ready to add a splash of sophistication to your wine nights? Dive into the joyous world of wine tasting with our wine tasting kit that’s bursting with perks to tickle your wine-loving senses.

Kit Includes:

  • Wine 101 Online Course
  • 2 Gabriel-glas Wine Glasses
  • Wine Journal
  • Tasting Mats (20 Sheets)
  • Aroma Charts (Set of 4)
  • 3 Microfiber Polishing Cloths


What's Included?

Let's dig into what you'll receive in this kit.

Wine 101 Online Course

Unlock the secrets of the wine world with our beginner Wine 101 course. This course is packed with valuable resources that will elevate your wine knowledge to new heights.

Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glass (Made in Austria) 2 Pack

Improve the flavor of all the wines you drink with a better wine glass. This crystal wine glass is the Stand'Art Universal single-piece glass by Gabriel-Glas. Made in Austria. 

Wine Journal (Notebook)

The Wine Folly wine journal helps develop your palate while you log your wine notes. This pocket-sized wine notebook features the 4-step wine tasting method used by professionals.

Wine Tasting Placemats (20-Pack)

The placemats have cut guides to accommodate tastings of various sizes, and if you use the whole set, you will have consistent notes of 80 different wines.

Wine Aroma Charts (Red, Rose, Sparkling, White)

Find wine flavors quickly and easily. The aroma chart set includes four wine aroma wheels for red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine.

Microfiber Wine Glass Polishing Cloth - Variety 3 Pack

Custom-printed Wine Folly design. Keep your wine glasses, eyewear, and lenses sparkling for years to come with this extra-large microfiber polishing cloth.

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