The Tasting Journey Kit


Perfect for:

  • Enhancing your flavor profile
  • Improving your aroma Perception
  • Building your own personal wine resource

Explore the diverse world of wines, discover new flavors and aromas, and capture your tasting experiences with a comprehensive wine tasting journal.

  • 6 x Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glasses
  • 1 x Wine Journal
  • 3 x Microfiber Wine Glass Polishing Cloth (Extra-Large)


What's Included?

Improve Your Aroma Perception

The design of these glasses helps concentrate the wine's aroma, allowing you to fully appreciate its bouquet before the first sip.

We tested more than a dozen excellent glasses in search of a product we could truly get behind. Not only did it need to be well-crafted, and expressive of flavors, but it also needed to stand up to rugged everyday use (even restaurants).

Beautiful and Simple to Use

The wine journal's interior is custom designed to help develop your palate and log wine tasting notes. The tasting journal pages feature the 4-step tasting method – a professional tasting technique developed by sommeliers and wine critics.

Give an Elegant Presentation

The aesthetic appeal of a spotless professional glassware set can elevate the entire wine tasting experience, adding an element of sophistication and enjoyment.

What you'll get:

Wine and Cheese: This design includes 20 hand-illustrated wine and cheese pairings along with dozens of other pairing suggestions.

Types of Wine: This design will help you find and drink wines you'll love based on their style and flavor characteristics.

Basic Wine Guide: Explore the framework of modern wine service and tasting techniques on this illuminating design

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