Wine Accessories Set


What 5 wine accessories should everyone own? That's the question we asked. And this is our answer. This set covers the essentials when it comes to wine accessories. These five items will make your life easier, and make your wine experience more enjoyable!


Special Edition Gabriel-Glas Universal Crystal Wine Glass 

  • Improve the flavor of all the wines you drink with a better wine glass
  • We tested more than a dozen excellent glasses in search of a product we could truly get behind
  • Custom etched pour lines - Tasting: 75 ml (2.5 oz), Full Serving: 150 ml (5 oz)
  • Genuine Gabriel-Glas patented design - Made in Austria

Polishing Cloth w/ Wine Glass Compendium Infographic

  • High quality fine microfiber cloth that will keep your wine glasses, eyewear, and camera lenses sparkling for years to come
  • Large Size: 22" x 28" (560 mm x 710 mm); eliminates finger prints because the glass will never touch your hand!
  • Dye sublimation printed; includes polishing technique and care instructions

Special Edition Genuine WAF Champagne Stopper

  • Genuine WAF patented design stopper
  • Preserves Champagne for up to 3 days
  • Made in Italy

Special Edition Genuine Pulltaps Corkscrew

  • Genuine Pulltaps patented design corkscrew
  • Articulated double-lever for effortless vertical cork removal
  • Made in Spain

Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver

  • Wine pump for preserving the flavor of opened wine for up to 10 days
  • Includes 1 reusable vacuum stopper
  • Audible click indicates an optimal vacuum seal
  • Works with both red and white wines

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